Developing promising young mathematicians from across the Liverpool City Region

Our Maths School is the perfect environment for talented sixth formers to open their minds to new challenges. Students will learn and thrive together following our stimulating academic curriculum centred on A-level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics.

Students will do much more than cover the standard A-Level material. From the outset we will be challenging our students to reason formally, connect ideas, solve challenging problems and compose and examine mathematical proofs. As well as developing our students’ formal analytical skills we will also be ensuring they develop their communication abilities through presentations, different styles of writing and a broad programme of reading.

Because of our school ethos we actually go much further than A-levels. A really important part of our curriculum is the Aspiring Mathematicians Programme (AMP). Drawing upon the expertise of the University of Liverpool, our curriculum is designed to deepen each student’s mathematical abilities, academic maturity and career potential.

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The AMP includes a bespoke programme of activities which have been designed by subject specialists to give students greater depth in their mathematical ability, accelerated academic maturity and careers experiences which prepare them for work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics research and industry.

Much more than Maths

Recruiting students from across the Liverpool City Region, the Maths School will bring the brightest and most talented mathematicians together to create a new community of learning which offers the things you’d expect from a 6th form plus much more.

Our expert careers advice and pastoral care will ensure that every student receives the support they need to reach their full potential. Individual guidance and coaching will assist your personal, social and academic development, providing you with the skill set required to surpass your potential and progress beyond A-level.

All of our students will have access to a range of University of Liverpool facilities, including two libraries, a sports centre and cafes plus music concerts and performances.

Leading academics from the University’s Department of Maths and Physics will also enrich the curriculum, sharing new insights and discoveries and introducing students to university study in these fascinating disciplines.

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