Every day since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown we have provided live online lessons to help Year 11 students prepare for A-Level study.  It has been an enjoyable learning process for the students and also for the teachers.  Getting to grips with live teaching online has filled us with confidence that we can provide highly effective remote learning for students whenever it is needed in future.

The Times newspaper became interested in the work we have been doing teaching algebra online with a Victorian textbook, and ran an article about it on Tuesday 19th May.

It came as more of a surprise to also be mentioned on Have I Got News For You? the same week, with mathematician Hannah Fry reading some extracts from the Victorian textbook we have been using.

Although most of the algebra in the book (Hall & Knight’s Elementary Algebra for Schools) is very similar to that in modern textbooks, it is the word problems that provide the most amusement.  For parents who would like to try their hand here are some examples:

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