Free travel bursaries for all students

We want the best students from across Merseyside and beyond to come to the Maths School, and travel costs should not be a barrier to this. We are able to offer a travel bursary of up to £200 per year to cover public transport costs for every student who joins us this year.  We will contact applicants in August to make arrangements for this.

Every student joining the school in September 2020, that has to travel more than 1.5 miles or who requires additional support, will be entitled to a travel bursary. Once you have enrolled, it is a matter of simply completing a form and we will do the rest. Students are not required to make a contribution.

There will also be additional support where needed for students who are young carers, face economic disadvantage or have accessibility requirements.

If you would like to no more about travel bursaries and other financial support, please contact