Staff Recruitment

The University of Liverpool Maths School is a new specialist school offering a rigorous education for the most able and passionate 16-19 year old mathematicians in the region. We offer the opportunity to work with highly motivated students and colleagues in a relaxed but committed environment.

The University of Liverpool Maths School teaches mathematics, physics and computer science to motivated, high-potential 16 to 19-year-old students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We also deliver an outreach programme which delivers additional support in mathematical and physics to a large number of students across Merseyside. We plan to increase significantly the reach and range of our outreach offer over the next few years, supporting teachers and schools to provide excellent STEM education across the region.

Our mission is to enable children with a strong interest and high potential in the mathematical sciences in the Liverpool City Region and the north west of England to make a national and global impact through their work, learning and research in the mathematical sciences. 

We are particularly interested in widening participation in the mathematical sciences by supporting students with talent who have faced disadvantage in their lives and education so far and providing equality of access to STEM degrees and careers.

Roles available

Vacancies will normally be advertised on the TES here.