Ofsted and Compliance


Our published policies are available here, and other policies are available on request from school reception.

Ofsted Pre-Registration Inspection

The School was inspected by Ofsted before it opened in 2020.  The report from the Pre Registration Inspection University of Liverpool Mathematics School.

Ofsted New Provider Monitoring Visit

The school was visited by Ofsted on 8 and 9 February 2023 for a New Provider Monitoring visit led by Helen Whelan (HMI).  The report, which can be downloaded here,  confirmed that “Leaders have high expectations for what students can achieve. They are not simply satisfied with preparing students for external examinations. They want students to think and behave as mathematicians and scientists“.  It also recognised that “Students achieve excellent A-level grades and are exceptionally well prepared for success at university. All 25 students who completed their A levels last year progressed to STEM-related degrees, most at highly prestigious universities“. Our students’ attitudes and behaviour were also praised: “Students have extremely positive attitudes to learning. They display high levels of respect for their teachers and peers. In peer activities, they are not afraid to challenge each other about their work in the spirit of seeking the best solutions to mathematical problems.

New Provider Monitoring Visits do not involve formal grading on the 1 to 4 scale like other Ofsted inspections.  This monitoring visit was undertaken as part of those arrangements and as outlined in the ‘Further education and skills inspection handbook’, in the sections entitled ‘Monitoring visits’ and ‘Monitoring visits to providers that are newly directly publicly funded’.  Under this framework, Ofsted normally uses one of the following progress judgements on monitoring visits:

We are pleased to note that our progress in “designing and delivering a relevant education programme” was considered to be significant, and our progress in “ensuring that learners benefit from high quality education programmes for young people that prepare them well for their intended job role, career aim and/or personal goals” was also considered to be significant.  Our progress in “ensuring that effective safeguarding arrangements are in place” was considered to be reasonable and we benefited from feedback in relation to the education we provide around “radicalisation and extremism and the importance of fundamental British values” which we have already taken action in response to.

Equality Objectives

Our equality objectives relating to students are focused on:

Our equality objectives relating to staff are focused on:

Information about additional ESFA Funding (including the 16-19 Tuition Fund) is available here

Information about Provider Access is available here.

Employees Paid Over £100 000

The trust employs no one with a salary over £100 000.