16 to 19 Tuition Fund and other statutory notices

This page provides information we are obliged to publish on our website linked to funding or statutory requirements

16 to 19 Tuition Fund

We have been granted £968 by the government to help students whose education suffered during the 2020 Covid-19.  This will help us to provide small group tuition  in line with the guidance published here for our students in mathematics, and other courses where their learning has been disrupted.  The tuition will be provided by our staff as one-one lessons during the afternoon extra curricular time slot or the lunch break in our timetable and will be focused on students who are identified during lessons and assessments as underperforming due to a lack of well established prior knowledge.

Provider Access

We are very keen for education and training providers to meet with our students to help them to discover career, education and training opportunities particularly where these are related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Please contact us via our Contact Us page or phone us on 0151 6400397 to discuss arrangements.