What are Maths Schools?

Run by some of the UK’s most prestigious universities, maths schools are specialist schools for 16- to 19-year-old students with a strong interest in the mathematical sciences. The schools help to prepare students for success in high-prestige STEM degree courses at top universities, and then to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


The distinctive curriculum, imaginative approach, like-minded peers and well-motivated teachers attracts a particular kind of student to maths schools.  Our staff will relish the challenge of their students’ quick thinking, and will ensure that their thinking skills and conceptual understanding develop not just rapidly but with rigour and reliability as well.  Our students are talented and well-motivated: teachers will not need to be disciplinarians but will inspire trust and respect.  Our students may be able and hardworking but they will also need individual support to develop as people and responsible citizens.  They all have high potential but their capacity for well-focused and effective study is not taken for granted: it will be cultivated.  

The University of Liverpool Maths School is the third Maths School to open in the UK.



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