Our Ethos

Why do we exist?

The University of Liverpool Maths School is for students with a particular aptitude and enthusiasm for mathematics and related subjects.  We aim to

  • provide an outstanding education for those with exceptional potential in the mathematical sciences

  • widen participation in mathematical degrees at the very best universities and institutions

We enable serious students of mathematical science to study under expert teachers and world-class academics, with the close support of one of the best universities in the UK.

We also provide outreach support to schools, students and teachers throughout the region: our work goes well beyond the walls of our own building.

Our Purpose:

We exist to enable children with a strong interest and high potential in the mathematical sciences to achieve global impact through careers in the mathematical sciences.  By preparing them thoroughly and comprehensively for STEM degrees and significant roles both within local communities and the global community of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, our students will be equipped to become tomorrow’s industrial and academic researchers, innovators who will address the world’s greatest challenges, teachers who will inspire the next generation, wealth creators, entrepreneurs and problem solvers.

Our teachers and support staff

We will enable inspirational teachers with a strong academic pedigree, a love of good reasoning and strong emotional intelligence to bring out the best both in our own students and those attending other schools.  Our teachers are attracted to the opportunity to work with students who need a particular kind of support and challenge.  Our staff and students belong to an organisation with a unique mission and a unique approach; their school is more than a place of work and a means of passing exams.  Working in a maths school gives teachers the appealing challenge of catering for imaginative and highly intelligent students with strong analytical insights; it’s a privilege but also a challenge.  As a small organisation we will expect flexibility from our employees and we see the opportunity for administrative staff to play a key role in supporting students as a key advantage of working in our school.

Our students

The distinctive curriculum, imaginative approach, like-minded peers and well-motivated teachers attracts a particular kind of student to maths schools.  Our staff will need to keep pace with their students’ quick thinking, ensuring their thinking skills and conceptual understanding develop not just rapidly but with rigour and reliability as well.  Our students are able and well-motivated: teachers will not need to be disciplinarians but will need to inspire trust and respect.  Our students may be able and hardworking but they will also need individual support and their capacity for well-focused and effective study must not be taken for granted: it will need to be cultivated.  We will provide counselling support and use evidence-based guidance to teach pupils explicitly how to organise and manage their learning independently.  Over the course of their two years with us they will develop from being students whose work is closely guided and monitored to students ready for the independence of Higher Education and professional careers.

Our values

Above all else, our priority is to keep the students that we work with safe, be vigilant for any signs that they may be at risk or in difficulty, and prepare them for a happy and healthy future. In addition to this,