The exam board and qualification our students are working towards is AQA Physics A-Level Specification (4708)

Physics will make you think. Thinking and problem solving are among the most looked after skills on high level jobs and they are, beyond doubt, the hardest to achieve.

We use the physics you already know (mechanics, electricity, waves…) and some that is still “in the making” (particle physics, astrophysics) to help you develop those thinking skills. Is it challenging? Yes, it is. Is it fun? Definitely!

In our lessons, you will find how traditional teaching evolves to university learning and even can be connected with actual research. We try to contextualise the A level specification by inviting university students and lecturers to share with you their work, or by applying your learning to physics projects that go beyond the A level curriculum, as well as providing opportunities to link with your other subjects (maths and computer science). This is what real life will be like, and we are trying to take you as close as we can for you to see it.

We like doing practicals. There is a set of 12 compulsory practicals that you will perform in order to comply with the criteria that awards you the end of A level Physics Practical Endorsement certificate along with many more. We will visit places such as CERN or other research centres/universities either in the UK or abroad.

Are you up for the challenge?