In Year 13 all students are entered for:
• A2 Physics

We will use the AQA Physics A-Level Specification 

Physics is about making sense of the world we live in through abstract models and mathematics.

It is often an extreme science: about the very big and the very small, the very heavy and the very light, the very fast and the very slow, the very long lasting and the very short-lived. It is about how and why things work, and about what makes things appear and behave in the way they do. In A-Level Physics we deal with the historical development of ideas as well as with some of the most important technological and environmental issues of our time. Physics is perhaps the most fundamental and wide ranging of the sciences and underpins everything else that we understand about the physical world.

In physics lessons you will learn about the strange and wonderful world of quantum concepts, and you will develop an in-depth knowledge of electricity, vectors, forces, energy and waves. Where many students of A-level Physics must satisfy themselves with qualitative and general explanations that are often awkward and unconvincing, you will learn to understand physics using its natural language, mathematics.