Aspiring Mathematicians Programme

The Aspiring Mathematicians Programme (AMP)
As a maths school we think it’s really important that students get the chance to take part in scientific and mathematical research, mathematics competitions and collaborative mathematics projects.

The AMP is a bespoke programme of activities, designed by subject specialists with particular expertise in the teaching of gifted and talented learners, to give students greater depth in their mathematical ability, accelerated academic maturity and careers experiences which prepare them for work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics research and industry. Learning will be tailored to the individual needs, interests and aspirations of our students, so no two journeys through the AMP will be alike. 

The aims of the AMP are to:

Develop a range of academic and vocational skills beyond those required at A-level
Prepare students for the UCAS application process and university interviews
Push our students’ mathematical thinking to the point where challenging assessments like STEP and MAT start to feel like interesting puzzles rather than impossible challenges
Develop students’ experience of solving real life problems beyond examination questions
Give students opportunities to be inspired by and work alongside academics, current undergraduates and researchers
Facilitate students in the completion of a significant research task, culminating in an evening to showcase their outcomes
Enhance students’ ability to work in group related tasks and projects
Broaden students’ horizons in terms of their future career opportunities/aspirations by giving them genuinely valuable work experience and careers guidance
Prepare students to take part in mathematics and science competitions like the UKMT Maths Challenges, the British Maths Olympiad and the British Physics Olympiad.