COVID 19 Update 5 Jan 2021

COVID 19 Update 5 Jan 2021

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday evening we will be continuing to implement the online learning plans shared with students and parents yesterday.

Students have been sent a link to this Google Document (only accessible with a school login) that explains when their lessons will be, how they will work and how to access them.  As things evolve we will make changes in the same document so that students can always see the latest information.  

All students will be taught a full timetable of lessons and the aim is to ensure that learning continues at the same high pace and high quality throughout the Winter 2021 lockdown period.  Much of this time will be in direct live contact with their teachers, and we will still expect students to complete at least 2 hour’ work in the evenings.

Students who have individual needs that are best accommodated in school should continue to attend, and a small number of students are doing so.  If you are not sure whether this applies to you or your child, please just contact us through the usual channels.