About Us

The University of Liverpool Maths School for 16-19 year-olds is the third specialist mathematics school to open in the UK. 

We are an ambitious and close-knit learning community where everyone shares the same passion for problem solving, analytical thinking and understanding the world mathematically.  Our teachers are highly qualified academics who are passionate about providing the best possible learning and career opportunities to all high-potential students in our region.

We’re informal in the way we work with each other, but quite formal in the way we work with mathematics.  We find students with high potential in the mathematical sciences and put them through a rigorous but very supportive educational programme to prepare them for the most challenging STEM degrees and careers.


We are the first specialist mathematics school in the North of England and we offer A-Level students the opportunity to delve deeper into mathematical theory. Our creative and supportive environment is designed to enable talented students to thrive and succeed as they complete A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science and Physics.  Every Year 12 students starts on these four A-Level courses and also follows two supporting programmes: the Aspiring Mathematician Programme and the Personal and Pastoral Enrichment Programme.  Most students will focus on just 3 A-Levels in Year 13 and will continue with a specialised version of the AMP and the full PPEP course.

Recruiting students from across the Liverpool City Region, the Maths School brings the brightest mathematicians together to create a new community of learning which offers the things you’d expect from a 6th form plus much more.

We nurture our students through a bespoke curriculum focused on the mathematical sciences, developing their mathematical and scientific potential, academic maturity and future employability whilst caring for them as individuals.  We want our students to be confident in making the step from school to a demanding STEM degree course, and that means challenging them with problems and challenges that go well beyond A-Level standards. Find out more in our prospectus.

We love maths, but we also believe in providing a broader education that covers personal well-being, physical exercise, the humanities and the arts. 

Through our outreach programme, the University of Liverpool Maths School is committed to developing and retaining talent in the region, ensuring students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to achieve their academic potential.

We make conditional offers to students who we believe have the potential to thrive on our challenging curriculum: find out more here.  We are keen to find students who have faced barriers and disadvantage and help them to succeed in STEM, and the selection process aims to support these students. Please contact us for further details.


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